Key Performance Indicators

In 2011, Resolute Forest Products began developing a set of metrics to help the company meet operating requirements, including statistics on overtime, absenteeism, recruitment, retention and performance. These metrics were used to develop a long-term strategy focused on succession planning, leadership development programs, cross-functional collaboration, and learning and growth opportunities.

Resolute is committed to continuously developing our understanding of the attraction and retention challenges faced in each of our operating regions, and to implementing new leadership and human resource practices to create an inclusive workplace that attracts, retains and engages a diverse workforce. We regularly report on employee hires and turnover, carefully tracking any variation from year to year.

Employees by Employment Type

graphs showing employment type percentage by year

Employees by Age, Gender and Location

As specified in Resolute’s Code of Business Conduct and Human Rights Policy, the company is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability or handicap, gender, pregnancy, age or any other basis prohibited by law. It is also Resolute’s policy to take affirmative action in employment as required by applicable legislation. All personnel decisions, including recruitment, hiring, compensation, promotion, transfer, dismissal, recall and selection for training, are made solely on the basis of job-related criteria and, when applicable, in accordance with collective bargaining agreements.

In 2021, while we were a public company, Resolute adopted a board-level diversity policy requiring a minimum of 25% representation of each gender (ie. male and female) on its board of directors as well as an executive leadership level diversity policy that acknowledges diversity as a key factor in the company’s talent management strategy. Through our diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) working committee, we plan on deploying a company-wide DE&I communications program in 2023, working toward continuous improvement on these initiatives.

The following graphs show the age and gender of employees across all of our operating locations for the 2020 to 2022, as well as demographic information for members of Resolute's board of directors, executive team and middle management. Resolute became a privately-owned company pursuant to the merger of Resolute with a subsidiary of Domtar Corporation on March 1, 2023, prompting changes to the company’s board of directors.

bar graphs showing employees by location, gender and age by year

bar graph showing percentage of women by level of management by year

bar graph showing management percentage by age group by year

Hiring New Employees

Resolute’s long-term competitiveness is tied to our ability to recruit, develop and retain top-quality employees with the right skills. We are working hard to build a company made of a team of natural leaders who are results- and action-oriented, and who have strong business acumen as well as an aptitude for problem-solving and strategic thinking.

bar graphs showing hires by location, gender and age by year

Employee Turnover

In 2022, we recorded a turnover rate of 23.4%, including an involuntary rate of 14.3%. We continue to implement new leadership and human resources practices to create an inclusive workplace that attracts, retains and engages a diverse workforce.

bar graph showing employee turnover percentage by year

bar graph showing employee turnover percentage by age group