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    Whether wiping up spills in the kitchen, cleaning the lunchroom or tending to personal hygiene, you can rely on Resolute’s tissue products to get you through the day.

    • 4 facilities / 4 machines / 15 converting lines
    • 128,000 short tons of production capacity (116,000 metric tons)

    Discover our range of tissue products for both retail and away-from-home markets at resolutetissue.com.

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    Our Tissue Products Get You Through the Day

    Resolute Forest Products has an integrated tissue business, focused on meeting customer expectations for flexibility, quality and service.

    We produce private label and branded bath tissue, paper towels, facial tissue and napkins in premium, mid-tier and value grades for retail and away-from-home markets. We also offer our own brand of tissue and towel dispensers. 

    Resolute’s three tissue mills have a combined annual production capacity of 128,000 short tons (116,000 metric tons). Our Calhoun (Tennessee) state-of-the-art facility produces premium branded and private-label tissue, while the company’s Hialeah and Sanford (Florida) mills manufacture branded and private-label recycled and virgin paper grades. We also sell parent rolls not converted into tissue products.

    Additionally, we operate a tissue converting facility in Hagerstown (Maryland), where parent rolls that are supplied from our Calhoun and Sanford mills, as well as from the open market, are converted into bath tissue, paper towels, napkins and facial tissue. The facility has an annual converting capacity of 21,900 short tons.

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    Tissue Sales Contacts

    Reda Filali
    Vice President, Sales and Marketing
    407 461-4604

    Michael J. Shaughnessy
    Senior Director, Retail Sales and Commercialization
    331 588-0006

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