Logos and Branding Guidelines

  • Visual Identity Guide

    cover of visual identity guide Resolute Forest Products' visual identity program is comprised of a number of basic elements that serve as the foundation on which all visual communications are constructed. Its implementation is managed by a strict set of guidelines – essentially the technical components of our visual identity.

    Visual Identity Guide
    Branding Basics

    For information on our visual identity or how to apply the guidelines, contact us at [email protected].

    Our Logo

    The Resolute logo calls to mind the forest in which the company works, the paper, pulp, tissue and lumber products it manufactures, and the modern and dynamic nature of the organization. Paper products are reflected in the half-circle of the “R”, symbolizing a paper roll, as well as in the folds within the logo. The rectangular and triangular shapes, in the legs of the “R”, represent pulp bales, wood products and forestry. Through the use of green as a primary color, the design also depicts the company’s commitment to sustainability.