Eco-Efficient Products

As a global industry leader, Resolute Forest Products manufactures and markets a diverse range of products, including market pulp, tissue, wood products, newsprint and specialty papers. Resolute is fortunate that our primary input – wood – is a renewable resource, and that our paper products are recyclable. Yet this alone does not make our products sustainable.

To further improve our environmental performance, the company has implemented sustainable forestry practices and responsible fiber sourcing. We have also made significant investments in improving the environmental performance of our manufacturing processes, including the development of innovative products that maximize our use of fiber. 

Tracing Our Products to Their Source

Increasingly, customers are asking for assurance that the pulp, paper and wood products they buy from Resolute originate from responsible sources. All of our pulp and paper mills and wood products facilities have fiber-tracking systems that enable the company to follow the flow of wood from origin, through manufacturing processes, to the customer. All of these tracking systems are certified by independent third-party audit firms to one or more internationally recognized chain of custody (CoC) standards, and this provides assurance that our wood comes from acceptable sources.

A CoC-certified tracking system allows us to track and document exactly how much wood and wood fiber comes from forests certified to forest management standards. Under CoC standards, minimum due diligence requirements must also be met for the uncertified content. These requirements relate to risks of illegal logging, wood harvested in violation of human rights, and other important sustainability issues. This practice enables manufacturers and traders to avoid timber and timber products from unacceptable sources. Depending on the specific CoC standard, additional requirements may relate to such issues as high conservation values, conversion of forests to non-forest uses, genetically modified tree planting, corruption, indigenous rights and/or workers’ rights.

Additional information on certification and fiber sourcing can be found on the Forest Certification page.

Recycled Content

The company operates a 100% recycled pulp mill in Menominee (Michigan). In addition, our Hialeah (Florida) tissue mill, which manufactures Green Heritage® products that feature recycled and/or virgin fiber content, is certified to third-party standards such as EcoLogo® and Green Seal®. In 2019, Resolute used over 200,000 metric tons of recovered paper. To learn more about the environmental tradeoffs and benefits, visit our Recycled Content page.