• Energy

    Resolute sources more than 79% of its energy requirements (electricity and fuel) from renewable sources, such as carbon-neutral biomass and hydroelectricity. 

    Our network of 12 company-owned power generation assets has a total installed capacity of 315 megawatts:

    • 5 cogeneration/thermal power facilities* (145 MW of capacity)
    • 7 hydroelectric facilities (170 MW of capacity)

    A small portion of our fuel energy is sourced from other alternative energy fuels, primarily used tires, which diverts these materials from landfills and recovers the energy value.

    *Excludes the Calhoun (Tennessee) cogeneration facility following the indefinite idling of the Calhoun pulp and paper operations in February 2022, and the cogeneration facility at the Thunder Bay (Ontario) pulp and paper mill, which is held separate until its sale to a third party as required by the Consent Agreement between Domtar Corporation and the Canadian Commissioner of Competition registered with the Competition Tribunal of Canada on December 28, 2022.

  • Hydroelectric Power