Vision and Values

Our Vision

At Resolute Forest Products, we are one team with one vision where:
Profitability and sustainability drive our future.

Our Values

Maintaining our competitive edge as a global leader in the forest products industry requires tremendous dedication, a strong work ethic and a solid team effort based on a common culture and shared values.

We are guided by four core values: work safely, be accountable, ensure sustainability and succeed together. These values influence everything we do and help ensure Resolute’s continued growth and success.

icon of Work Safely company value

Work Safely

We always put the safety of our people first. Creating an injury-free workplace is everyone's business. We maintain world-class standards and continuously measure and improve our safety efforts and results.

icon of Be Accountable company value

Be Accountable

We are accountable for our performance. The future of our company is in our hands. By empowering people, acting with integrity, setting goals and measuring progress, we deliver first-class products and services to customers and create value for shareholders

icon of Ensure Sustainability company value

Ensure Sustainability

We make decisions with tomorrow in mind. We know that our long-term profitability depends on preserving the natural resources in our care and being a responsible partner in the communities where we live and work.

icon of Succeed Together company value

Succeed Together

We win together. Teamwork starts with a winning attitude and a true desire to support each other. We welcome ideas, communicate frequently and share best practices.