Legal Entity Name Changes

On February 1, 2020, Resolute Forest Products made the acquisition from Conifex Timber of seven (7) subsidiaries which together operate lumber facilities in Cross City (Florida), Glenwood (Arkansas) and El Dorado (Arkansas).

As part of their integration in the Resolute Forest Products family, these newly acquired subsidiaries have changed their legal name effective May 1, 2020:

Former Legal Entity Name New Legal Entity Name
BW SLC Real Estate Holdings LLC Resolute Cross City Real Estate Holdings LLC
Caddo River Contracting, LLC Resolute Caddo River LLC
Conifex Cross City LLC Resolute Cross City LLC
Conifex El Dorado Inc Resolute El Dorado Inc.
Conifex Glenwood LLC Resolute Glenwood LLC
Navcor USA LLC Resolute Navcor LLC
Suwannee Timber Management LLC Resolute Cross City Timber Management LLC


You will find below various documents related to the legal entity name changes.

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