• Market Pulp

    You’ll find our market pulp in a range of consumer products you use every day – from facial tissue, paper towels and coffee filters to printing and writing papers as well as diapers and other absorbent products.

    • 3 facilities*
    • 794,000 metric tons of capacity

    Pulp for a Variety of Needs

    Resolute Forest Products is one of the few producers capable of supplying a wide variety of grades of market pulp.

    Our three facilities* have a total annual production capacity of 794,000 metric tons. Our market pulp includes virgin pulp and recycled bleached kraft pulp, for which we are a leading global producer.

    End-uses: bath tissue, paper towels, packaging, specialty papers and absorbent products, such as diapers and feminine hygiene products

    * Excludes Calhoun (Tennessee) pulp operations, indefinitely idled in February 2022.

    Our Market Pulp Portfolio

    Softwood Pulp

    Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK)
    We produce NBSK pulp at the Saint Félicien (Quebec) mill. This long-fiber pulp, made from black spruce and jack pine, is well-known for providing exceptional strength with minimal refining. NBSK pulp is favored for use in manufacturing premium tissue and towel grades, as well as printing, writing and specialty papers.

    Fluff Pulp

    Resolute’s Coosa Pines mill, located in Alabama, produces fluff pulp from loblolly pine. The inherent characteristics and consistency of its fibers create the uniformity, integrity, absorbency and wicking capabilities required for making high-quality absorbent and specialty products. Our fluff pulp offering ranges from highly absorbent, untreated grades to a fully treated grade where core uniformity and appearance are critical.

    Recycled Pulp

    Our recycled bleached kraft (RBK) pulp is a fully dried, green alternative that is produced at our world-class de-inking mill in Menominee (Michigan). Valued for its high quality and performance, RBK pulp is used to make a variety of paper products, including tissue, coated and uncoated papers, and specialty and packaging applications. The superior quality of the pulp allows papermakers to add post-consumer furnish to their products, while maintaining the demanding performance characteristics that their customers have come to expect.

    For more information about any of the pulps Resolute offers, or for grade specifications, please consult the appropriate sales or technical services contact.

    Sales Contacts

    Kraft Pulp
    Canada  |  United States  |  Europe: Ginger Bower 
    Asia  |  Latin America  |  Middle East: Gary Cothran

    Recycled Bleached Kraft (RBK) Pulp
    Asia  |  North America  |  Europe: Ginger Bower

    Fluff Pulp
    North America  |  Europe: Ginger Bower 
    Asia  |  Latin America  |  Middle East: Gary Cothran 

    Technical Services Contacts

    Kraft Pulp  |  RBK pulp: Anthony Rowan
    Fluff Pulp: Frank Charbonneau

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