• Woodlands

    Our woodlands operations supply logs to our sawmills and certain of our pulp and paper mills. To harvest the wood we need for our business while ensuring the long-term sustainability of our forests, the Company has to monitor and manage vast expanses of forestlands.

    We manage our woodlands mainly through long-term forest management and harvesting licenses or agreements on public land. In Canada, the forest management plans are approximately 20 to 25 years in length and automatically renew every five years, contingent upon the Company’s continued compliance with environmental performance and reforestation requirements. We also own a small area of timberlands in Canada and in the southeastern United States.

    Sustainable Forest Management

    With all of our managed woodlands third-party certified to internationally recognized sustainable forest management (SFM) standards, Resolute Forest Products is among the largest SFM certificate holders in the world. Copies of SFM certificates for our woodlands operations are available for download on each region’s profile.

    We are also committed to maintaining ISO 14001-certified environmental management systems at our woodlands operations to promote the conservation and sustainable use of forests and other natural resources.

    Forest Regeneration

    The regeneration of harvested woodlands is an essential component of sustainable forest management. Although precise regulations and norms vary by jurisdiction, the underlying goal remains constant: to replace the forest that was previously harvested, while ensuring biodiversity as well as the protection of ecological and societal values.

    Resolute utilizes a range of forest management (silviculture) techniques and best practices including regeneration surveys, site preparation, the planting of traditional seedlings, and aerial and terrestrial seeding – all in combination with natural regeneration. The actual method selected for a given site is dependent on local climate and soil conditions and wood species involved. Silviculture crews plant millions of seedlings annually.