2012 Sustainability Report CoverOn November 21, 2013, Resolute Forest Products released its Annual Sustainability Report for 2012 Performance. To learn about our commitments, achievements and progress, read our latest Sustainability Report . 

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    The report details Company efforts to balance environmental, social and economic considerations. The report also provides an overview of Resolute’s Company-wide sustainability strategy, which has three primary areas of focus:

    • Reinforce Resolute’s environmental credentials, taking appropriate steps to responsibly manage its environmental footprint.
    • Position the Company as a competitive employer, attracting and retaining employees based on opportunities to quickly learn and grow within a dynamic organization.
    • Build solid community relations in Resolute’s operating locations, recognizing that economically viable and civically involved companies support long-term regional prosperity.

    Our Approach to Sustainability

    Ensuring sustainability is one of our shared corporate values. Making sustainability an integral part of the way we do business is an essential element of our strategy to build a globally competitive company and deliver value to shareholders over the long term.

    Resolute’s approach to sustainability has evolved over the past decade. Thanks to individual and group leadership, the Company has improved performance in areas such as health and safety, energy use and sustainable forest management.

    We believe that being sustainable requires looking beyond compliance to mitigate our environmental and social impacts. Resolute considers working towards a balanced approach to our environmental, social and economic responsibilities will improve our long-term competitiveness.

    Key Commitments

    Targets are an integral part of a sustainability strategy, and we report annually on our progress towards meeting our commitments. Ensuring continuous improvement requires the use of SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) targets. While some of the goals listed below meet this definition, others are still being refined. One of the main focuses of our Sustainability Committee is to refine our sustainability commitments.

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    Sustainability Commitments 2013Sustainability Commitments 2013Sustainability Commitments 2013

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