Safety Performance

At Resolute Forest Products, safety is a core value. We diligently pursue our goal of establishing a “total safety organization,” with a long-term goal of zero incidents and zero injuries at all our operations. Structures, clear roles and responsibilities (for everyone from the president and CEO to hourly employees) as well as safety management systems are in place to support and secure the safety of everyone at our sites.

Each facility has health and safety related documents on hand, including our event and incident reporting policy, which ensures that complete, consistent and relevant incident statistics are recorded. Health and safety professionals at each operation are responsible for entering information on every incident or high-potential near miss, which is then reviewed by corporate staff and packaged into a monthly report reviewed by the senior executive. This report also includes lagging indicators for use in injury prevention, and tracks corrective actions following an incident.

Resolute began tracking absenteeism and workplace incident-related disabilities in June 2014 in order to record absences, corrective actions, and any workstation modifications made to maintain operating efficiency.

2016 Safety Performance


In 2016, Resolute achieved an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable incident rate of 0.77, below our target of 0.92. According to the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA), Resolute’s performance continues to rank among the very best of almost 30 North American forest products companies. Our lost time incident rate1 in 2016 was 0.31, and we recorded 0 fatalities for employees or contractors.

Our company-wide severity rate2  for 2016, which measures the actual impact from injuries on the health of our employees, was 26 – slightly higher than our target of 25. 

We will continue to work diligently to reduce the severity of injuries and the number of incidents. Our 2017 target is to achieve an OSHA incident rate of 0.90 or below and a severity rate of 25 or below. Severity Rate by YearResolute also measures and reports occupational disability and absenteeism rates. Occupational disabilities include any illness attributable to the workplace or work activity, including stress or exposure to harmful materials, as well as work-related injuries. Absenteeism includes any days missed outside permitted holidays or other permitted absences.Absenteeism Rate by Year


Near-Miss Reporting

In 2016, Resolute achieved an overall 4.0 near-miss ratio per employee (29,739 near misses reported), reflecting our efforts to improve employee awareness and reporting of potential hazards or injuries. Employees across our operations made a sustained effort in 2016 to identify hazards and control risk exposure before undertaking their daily tasks.

Our goal in 2017 is to ensure 100% of hourly employees submit three near-miss reports annually, and to disclose near-miss ratios as well as  management and reporting systems in future annual reports. 

1 The lost time incident rate is calculated by multiplying the number of incidents that were lost time cases by 200,000, divided by total number of hours worked.
2 The severity rate is calculated by adding the number of workdays lost to the number of restricted workdays due to injury, multiplied by 200,000 hours worked, divided by total number of hours worked.