Vision and Values

Maintaining our competitive edge as a global leader in the forest products industry requires tremendous dedication, a strong work ethic and a solid team effort based on a common culture and shared values.

Our Purpose, Vision and Mission

OUR PURPOSE is to generate long-term value for the company and to drive sustainable economic activity in the communities where we operate.

OUR VISION is to be a model manufacturing company with a climate-adaptable business, built with the strongest values, the highest respect for sustainability and the calling to serve our people and communities.

OUR MISSION is to embrace our evolution to a future-adapted business that our customers prefer, our employees love, our communities support, our suppliers choose and our business partners value for long-term returns. 

Our Core Values

We are guided by three core values: accountability, caring and trust. These values influence everything we do and help ensure Resolute’s continued growth and success.

icon of accountability company value


Earning the right to be in business every day

We consider it a privilege to work with and serve our stakeholders and business partners. We have the responsibility to operate our assets to the best of our abilities, by making the most of what we have and by ensuring that our activities build sustainable value. We will pursue strategic growth opportunities to strengthen our competitive position and will evolve our practices to compete with top-quartile performance.

icon of caring company value


Caring for our people, our communities and the resources we manage with the highest respect

The safety of our people and the prosperity of our communities are paramount. We must build good will in all of our operating communities. Because our ongoing transformation impacts the lives of people, we must communicate with transparency and with clarity of purpose. Our core identity is tied to the renewable resources that we harvest for our livelihood. We must ensure the sustainability and protection of those resources and be mindful of the environmental impact of our operations.

icon of trust company value


Embracing our position as a trusted business partner

We value the relationships we have with our customers, operating and Indigenous communities, suppliers, governments, as well as business partners. We seek to earn their trust and to act with unbendable integrity. We are more than a company in transformation; we must accelerate our evolution, face the future united and welcome change in order to build the Resolute of the future.