• Woodlands

    From our woodlands to our sawmills and on to our pulp and paper mills, you can be sure that Resolute’s fiber supply has been responsibly sourced, and that 100% of the forestlands we own or manage are certified to internationally recognized standards.

    • 100% of Resolute-managed forests are third-party certified

    Environmentally responsible procurement is top of mind for Resolute Forest Products’ customers and increasingly influences their purchasing decisions. According to the 2015 Leger Customer Market Acceptance Research on Canada’s forest products, international buyers of wood, pulp and paper place Canadian forest products suppliers at the top of the list in terms of environmental and forest management practices, as well as for the quality, abundance and availability of their products.

    Regenerating, Managing and Certifying the Forests in Our Care

    The regeneration of harvested woodlands is an essential component of sustainable forest management. Resolute relies on a range of forest management techniques and best practices, including regeneration surveys, site preparation, the planting of seedlings, and aerial and terrestrial seeding – all in combination with natural regeneration.

    We strongly believe that it is possible to carefully harvest trees while maintaining biodiversity, and protecting the forest and values important to a range of stakeholders. This is why Resolute maintains certification for 100% of the forests we manage or on which we hold significant harvesting rights to at least one of two internationally recognized forest management standards: Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). We continue to be one of the largest holders of SFI and FSC forest management certificates in North America. We also maintain ISO 14001-certified environmental management systems at our woodlands operations , which helps promote the conservation and sustainable use of forests and other natural resources.

    Responsible Fiber Sourcing

    Resolute has instituted fiber-tracking systems at our North American facilities1 to ensure that our wood fiber supply comes from acceptable sources such as certified forests and legal harvesting operations. These fiber-tracking systems are third-party certified according to one or more of three internationally recognized chain of custody standards: SFI, Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and FSC. Resolute uses pulp produced through our internal network, providing us with control of our fiber sources and ensuring the quality of our paper and tissue products. The vertical integration of the production process also assures customers of the integrity of our supply chain and the long-term sustainability of our fiber supply.

    We strive to improve our forest management and wood fiber procurement practices, and we encourage our wood and fiber suppliers to also demonstrate continuous improvement in forest resource management, wood and fiber procurement, and third-party certification.

    Excluding tissue operation in Hialeah (Florida), which sources 100% of its recycled fiber from our U.S. pulp network.