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              At Resolute, our actions today build a sustainable and profitable
              company for the future. With a network of some 40 pulp and
              paper mills and wood products facilities in the United States,
              Canada and South Korea, we have an operating platform
              that has the scale, financial strength and cost advantage to
              withstand market challenges. We are leveraging this financial
              strength to seize opportunities to diversify, innovate and grow.
              Fortunately, we have the flexibility to consider a range of
              appropriate opportunities and the patience to make sure
              the valuation is right. It is a strategic choice we make for
              a stronger tomorrow.
              Our continued success as a forest products leader is
              inextricably linked to the engagement of our 7,700 employees
              in providing the quality and service to meet the needs of
              thousands of customers. Sustainability is front and center within
              our corporate culture; it guides our approach to the way we
              conduct business every day. Our ability to establish truly
              collaborative relationships with communities, First Nations,
              governments and other key stakeholders is critically important
              as is our commitment to increase share value for investors.
              In a constantly evolving market, we take charge of our future.
              We make plans, take action and measure results. We say what
              we do and do what we say. We move forward on the strength
              of our successes and the challenges overcome. And every step
              we take prepares the groundwork for shared prosperity.
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