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2	Resolute at a Glance
4	2014 Highlights
6	Letter from the Chairman and
	the President and Chief Executive Officer
11 	Consolidated Earnings
14	Sustainability Highlights
16	Our Vision and Our Values
17	Business and Sustainability Strategy
18	Our Operations

20	 Newsprint
22	Specialty Papers
26	Market Pulp
28	Wood Products

3 1 	Sustainability Performance
36	Fiber and Forestry
42	Lasting Collaboration with First Nations
44	Engaging in Dialogue
46	Energy and Climate Change
48	Mill Environmental Performance
50	Human Resources
52	Health and Safety
54	Community Involvement
55	Recognizing the Contributions of Our Employees

56	Board of Directors and Corporate Officers
	Shareholder Information

     The inside pages of this report are printed on ResoluteMax 84 Gloss
     60 lb (89 g/m2) paper, part of Resolute’s Align™ portfolio of
     environmentally conscious papers. This paper was manufactured at our
     Catawba (South Carolina) mill. With its smaller environmental footprint,
     ResoluteMax 84 Gloss is the perfect alternative to more costly
     coated freesheet paper.

     Among its environmental benefits, ResoluteMax 84 Gloss:
     •	 uses 12% less wood fiber than the average coated freesheet

        in North America;
     •	 uses 25% less energy to produce than the average coated freesheet

        in North America;
     •	 has a carbon footprint that is 35% smaller over its life cycle than that of

        the average coated freesheet in North America; and
     •	 is available with SFI® and/or PEFC chain of custody certifications.

                                                                                     BUILDING A  2014
                                                                                     SUCCESSFUL  ANNUAL
                                                                                     TOMORROW    REPORT

                                                                                                            Cover (from top right, clockwise):
                                                                                                            Julie Lamontagne, Kénogami paper mill
                                                                                                            Johnny Awashish, Opitciwan sawmill
                                                                                                            Mariem Elsayed, Montréal office
                                                                                                            Daniel Bolduc, Kénogami paper mill
                                                                                                            Michel Belleau, Lac-Saint-Jean woodlands
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