Corporate Philanthropy

As a good corporate citizen, Resolute Forest Products recognizes the needs and interests of the communities in which it operates and takes a structured approach to its philanthropic contributions. These contributions take the form of financial, human and material support or services, as well as in-kind staff time to non-profit or humanitarian organizations. That is in addition to countless hours of volunteer work undertaken by our civic-minded employees.

Areas of Funding

We have chosen two primary pillars of sustainable development as our priority areas for strategic philanthropic contributions: social (community health and education) and environmental (community projects and education).

Humanitarian needs are supported through Centraide/United Way campaigns, and the Company encourages site-specific and/or regional employee-led workplace campaigns.

Geographic Focus

We provide support geared to the needs of the following geographic regions:

  • Regional communities in which the Company has operations, including paper mills, sawmills, woodlands operations, or recycling collection and sales programs.
  • Occasionally, key urban centers where Resolute has a major customer, investor or other relationship.


The Company does not favor multiyear, long-term commitments and does not provide support to projects benefiting only one person. Additionally, the Company does not encourage contributions to organizations funded by Centraide/United Way as we already support Centraide/United Way through a number of different initiatives.

Funding Requests

If your organization meets our funding criteria and you would like to make a donation request, please contact us at:

Resolute Forest Products
Corporate Communications, Sustainability and Government Affairs
111 Duke Street, Suite 5000
Montréal, Québec  H3C 2M1  Canada
[email protected]