Public Commitments


Based primarily on the material issues identified by our stakeholders, Resolute Forest Products developed a sustainability strategy that drives all of our sustainability activities and initiatives, including our public commitments.

In 2011, we established a set of ambitious commitments reflecting our approach to balancing the company’s sustainability priorities. Since then, we have been tracking and reporting our progress annually and updating our targets, as necessary, in order to promote continuous improvement. By steadily improving our year-over-year performance, we are pleased to report that we have substantially achieved or surpassed our stated goals and targets for 2015.

We believe our goal to support continuous improvement requires the use of SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) targets. While some of the goals listed below meet the SMART standard, others are still being refined. One of the main responsibilities of our sustainability committee is to refine our sustainability commitments. This cross-functional group, comprised of senior managers from various departments, recommends strategies, sets goals, measures results, oversees reporting, communications and continuous improvement, and assesses stakeholder expectations and sustainability trends.

Our year-over-year performance has steadily improved, and we continue to build on a solid base of what we believe are meaningful accomplishments. The following tables provide a summary Resolute’s sustainability performance for all the operations we owned or operated as at December 31, 2015, with the exception of recently acquired Atlas Paper facilities located in Florida.

Carbon/Environmental Footprint and Resource Management 

Resolute will position itself as an environmental supplier of choice, moving beyond regulatory compliance and environmental incident management to differentiate ourselves in a number of key performance areas.

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Public Environmental and Social Consciousness

Resolute’s role in its operating locations extends beyond the jobs created, taxes paid and charitable support provided. Working together and demonstrating a truly collaborative spirit is in the best interest of environmental conservation, community prosperity and our own financial long-term viability. Our company works to build reciprocal business relationships, grassroots support and positive government relations through transparency and information-sharing, as well as through active involvement in local organizations and community projects.

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Demographic Changes and Labor Relations

In order to be a competitive employer, Resolute manages performance in a number of key areas, including health and safety, employee engagement in our company culture, professional development and career progression, and labor relations. In addition to providing competitive wages and a safe work environment, Resolute will continue to promote our corporate values and effectively engage our employees in order to grow a stronger corporate culture, attract our future workforce, and build employee engagement throughout the organization.

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