• Newsprint

    Our newsprint makes the front pages of the world’s top newspapers every day. But there’s more to the story. Whether it’s advertising brochures, circulars, inserts or directories – we provide companies and consumers with a way to connect.

    • Customers in over 50 countries
    • 8 facilities*
    • 1.8 million metric tons of capacity*
    • #1 producer of newsprint in the world

    World's top newsprint producer

    Resolute Forest Products is the largest global producer of newsprint. With 8 mills* strategically located to serve major markets throughout North America and abroad, we supply customers in over 50 countries.

    Our total capacity is approximately 1.8 million metric tons,* representing about 8% of worldwide capacity and 43% of North American capacity.

    * Excluding Thorold (Ontario) mill, indefinitely idled on March 10, 2017.

    End-uses: newspapers, advertising inserts, flyers, brochures, circulars, telephone directories and commercial guides