• Market Pulp

    Our pulp is used to make a range of products we use every day. You’ll find this renewable and biodegradable material in everything from facial tissue and paper towels to coffee filters, disposable diapers and other absorbent products, as well as in printing and writing papers. 

    • 7 facilities
    • 1.7 million metric tons of capacity
    • #1 producer of recycled pulp in the world
    • 3rd largest pulp producer in North America

    Pulp for a Variety of Needs

    Resolute Forest Products is one of the few producers capable of supplying a wide variety of grades of market pulp.

    Our seven North American facilities have a total capacity of 1.7 million metric tons – or approximately 10% of total North American capacity – making us the third largest pulp producer in North America. Approximately 80% of our virgin pulp capacity is softwood-based.

    Resolute is also the world’s largest producer of recycled pulp and a competitive producer of northern bleached hardwood kraft pulp and southern bleached hardwood kraft pulp. Pulp not converted into paper is sold as market pulp, which is used to make a range of consumer products, including tissue, packaging and specialty papers, as well as diapers and other absorbent products.

    End-uses: tissue, paper towels, specialty products like filter paper, disposable diapers and feminine hygiene products, and printing and writing papers

    Softwood Pulps

    With their long fibers, Resolute’s softwood pulps feature structural properties that provide exceptional strength. As well, minimal energy is needed to refine these pulps, which are favored for use in manufacturing tissue and towels, as well as printing, writing and specialty grades.

    Hardwood Pulps

    The characteristics of our hardwood pulps make them the fiber of choice for a wide variety of paper grades. Key features include excellent cleanliness, formation and surface properties, complemented by good bulk and opacity.

    Fluff Pulp

    Our fluff pulp, produced in the southern United States from loblolly pine, provides the superior integrity, absorbency and wicking features required for high-quality absorbent and specialty products.

    NBSK Pulp

    Resolute’s SFK-90 pulp, produced at our Saint-Félicien (Quebec) mill, is well known for its high quality and superior reinforcement properties. SFK-90 is a premium-quality northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp. Its high black spruce content offers papermakers exceptionally long, strong fibers that feature excellent tear and tensile properties with minimal refining. These fibers also collapse well to form a smooth, uniform sheet surface. The lower percentage of NBSK required allows the papermaker to increase the amount of fillers and hardwood pulp, groundwood, or TMP, further enhancing sheet smoothness and reducing costs. SFK-90 is the pulp of choice for LWC, SCA, specialty products and premium tissue paper producers.

    The benefits of SFK-90 include:

    • World-class NBSK reputation
    • Environmental commitment including PEFC and FSC® chain of custody certifications
    • Cost savings
    • Paper machine efficiencies (fewer breaks)
    • Improved sheet surface characteristics
    • Exceptional service/customer commitment (contract customers are well protected through the market cycles)
    • Excellent quality and consistency from lot to lot
    • Cleanliness

    RBK Pulp

    Our recycled bleached kraft (RBK) pulp green alternative is designed to replace virgin fiber in a variety of paper applications, even as it upholds the same demanding performance specifications. Resolute produces RBK pulp at the world-class de-inking mills in Fairmont (West Virginia) and Menominee (Michigan). The pulp is valued for its high quality and superior performance, and is used in a wide variety of paper products, including coated and uncoated paper tissue, and specialty and packaging applications. The superior quality of the pulp allows papermakers to add post-consumer furnish to their paper products, while maintaining the same demanding performance characteristics that their customers have come to expect.

    The benefits of RBK pulp include:

    • Green solution for end-use product
    • Clean, bright product
    • 30% softwood fibers give added strength
    • Dried bales (no wires) optimize transportation
    • Two-mill system ensures stability of supply
    • Minimal to no refining saves on energy costs

    FDA Clears Resolute RBK-LF Pulp
    for Use in Food Packaging

    On April 30, 2014, we announced that we had received a letter of non-objection (NOL) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirming that our RBK-LF pulp (recycled bleached kraft – low fluorescence) is suitable for use in coated paper and paperboard grades intended for use in contact with food. The NOL covers recycled pulp produced at our mills in Menominee and Fairmont. It is one of a very few letters the FDA has issued on recycled pulp.

    Resolute is the largest producer of market recycled pulp in the world. The Menominee and Fairmont mills produce the only dried, sheeted RBK pulp bales in North America and are ideally situated to serve both domestic and export markets. The company’s product is considered a world-class benchmark in terms of product quality and cleanliness. For more information on the FDA clearance, read our media statement.

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