• Commercial Printing Papers

    From the bestseller you just can’t put down to the magazines on your coffee table and the flyers in your mailbox, our specialty papers deliver exceptional printability.

    Resolute Forest Products produces a wide spectrum of coated and uncoated mechanical papers that offer an attractive solution for practically any commercial printing application. With a total capacity of approximately 1.1 million metric tons, or approximately 27% of total North American capacity, we are the largest producer of uncoated mechanical papers in North America, and the third largest in the world.

    The Align™ family of papers offers a variety of benefits to meet a wide range of needs. Because Align grades use up to 50% less wood fiber than freesheet, significantly fewer trees are required. For more information on Resolute’s Align paper grades, visit www.alignpaper.com.

    Versatile and recyclable, our printing papers represent a cost-effective, environmentally responsible solution for all sorts of printed communications.

    End-uses: magazines, catalogs, direct mail, instruction manuals, brochures, directories, maps, advertising flyers and inserts, hard-and soft-cover books

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