• Recycling

    Resolute Forest Products has recycling collection operations and related assets in 21 metropolitan centers across the United States, where we operate as AbiBow Recycling LLC. Resolute also has paper collection operations in the province of Ontario, Canada.

    We focus our efforts on the collection of:

    • Old newspapers and magazines
    • Corrugated cardboard
    • Sorted office paper
    • Other recyclables (such as plastic and aluminum – in the U.S. only)

    The Company currently handles over 375,000 metric tons of recyclable materials each year, of which about 75% is old newspapers.

    Headquartered in Houston, Texas, our Recycling Division ships approximately 26% of the paper recovered through our community paper recycling programs to Company paper mills for use in the production of newsprint and other paper products. The Company also markets its excess paper and other recyclable products to third-party purchasers.

    Recycling Collection Services

    Recycling collection services are provided through two key programs – Paper Retriever® and EcoRewards® – which provide in part the raw materials we use in the recycled paper products we produce.

    Paper Retriever Program

    Our Paper Retriever program places paper recycling bins throughout metropolitan areas at:

    • Schools
    • Places of worship
    • Community associations
    • Libraries
    • Small businesses

    This program is free to sponsoring organizations as long as they meet a minimum volume of recyclable paper each month. Bins, which may be used by any member of the community, are placed in visible, accessible locations. The bin hosts or sponsors promote the recycling drop-off locations to the surrounding community.

    EcoRewards Program

    Our Recycling Division also operates the EcoRewards recycling program for businesses.

    This turnkey business recycling solution maximizes the economic benefits of customer recycling efforts by addressing components that are often lacking in other industry offerings, such as:

    • Initial and ongoing waste audits
    • Desk2Curb equipment and signage
    • Education and internal customer promotion
    • Detailed monthly reporting

    EcoRewards is a fee-based program that allows customers to reduce their waste collection and disposal services while earning rebates for the materials they recycle. The rebate earned is based on the volume collected and the type of recycled commodity. We provide this service to small businesses, office buildings, municipalities and school boards.